HMRC should have a statutory requirement to pay tax refunds within a set period of time. Paying interest on overdue refunds not made is a cop out.

Having waited over 3 months, phoned numerous times to be told that refunds are in progress is unacceptable. (Interestingly the HMRC will fine you £100 for late submission of tax return).

A proper customer service department that has the power to make decisions and enable action to be taken is required.

Wrong tax calculations from HMRC, MP expenses, pensions debacle how much more do we all have to take before the powers that be start to be accountable and provide a service to those who make the country tick?

Let's hope this website offers more than a cursory tick in the box!!

Why is this idea important?

To gain the trust of the public, our government bodies need to have respect which comes from a clearly accountable remit and service level.

Whether this is HMRC or other government bodies is immaterial; at the end of the day HMRC is not self serving. It serves the country.

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