In the UK we have very little in the way of agriculture and farming. Increasing the amount of agriculture in the UK is needed and now! With the increasing global population food and beverages are going to become increasingly scarce and in the UK this is a major issue what with the UK's high immigration of 600 thousand and total net migration of 200 thousand when we take away those emigrating from the UK. Also include the fact that at this moment our population has passed 61.8 million according to the latest government statistics. What we need is to increase the funding on agriculture and educate people that farming is a profitable business and will be increasingly profitable as the global population increases.

Why is this idea important?

This is vital to our survival as a country and an economy. Without agriculture or farming we will suffer. The UK in the past was one of the biggest if not the biggest superpower in history all based on this little ISLAND. That word island is key to what I am saying. It means we are restricted enough in the space we have with our current population of 61.8 million and growing. As an island we will be left behind as other countries grow richer through there multitude of companies while we keep selling off our own companies. But food will soon be too scarce for countries to risk exporting and that is when we will be left with nothing. We need to act NOW to get farming back underway in the quantities of the past rather than let farmland be turned into housing.

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