hello nick, great ideas from your govenment, at most airports you have over the top sercruity, your have

to many people, checking on nothing much at all,picking up on not much, and holding up ques of people

over nothing much at all.so bring back customer service at airports more staff in right places, and not too

many in sercruity, when you have scan machines checking on the bags, and people looking at sugar jars,

or dryed skimmed milk jars, or any other nothing to do jobs just for the sack of it. so please lets see fairness return and not over the top sillyness. bring back the good old days of equality, and not suspecting every body of nothing at all. lets see customer service return, were people get treated property and not like hearded animals, who do not know were to go, when we do but have to follow

the sercruity way of doing things. one way systems at airports do not always work well, for pasengers and staff, because we are all treated the same. you cannot return to were you came from , so things are wrong and need to be changed. thank you for this chance to have my say,

best regards,

nigel aldridge

Why is this idea important?

look at airport surcuity laws and make it work better.

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