The cost to the traveling public has gone through the roof with every individual airport charging every single passenger for the use of the facility. These airports were built with public money. It should be the right of every citizen to use them without paying more and more. Let the airport companies make their money from their over-priced shops in the concourse.

I truly do not believe it could possibly cost as much as they collect in order to run their services.

Also, where a flight has been canceled, for whatever reason, airlines and airports should be made to refund the full amount the traveler has paid out, without quibble or delay, at present we have the situation where you are, eventually, able to reclaim the flight cost but it's almost impossible to get the airport taxes back.

Why is this idea important?

The traveling public is being ripped off by various methods, let the airlines fix a price for a flight and stick to it throughout the whole year. That way we could do away with the silly situation where you can travel for £5.00 in the winter but have to pay £300.00 for the same seat during the summer.

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