I think that the price of beer should be put up to a extreme amount!! my reason being is that is more trouble than its worth! now days you need to smoke outside, whitch means as soon as the outside hits you, you feel more drunk and thats when the trouble starts!! most of the trouble now days are caused by alcohol. ie; gun crime, fights, stabbing, bottling! i dont think its fair when someone is drunk and in need of a ambulance due to there own alcohol abuse, while there attending drunks someone else were really does need that health care and could may well die!! i think them that do drink and are in need of health care shoul PAY!!! ALSO i think its disgusting that alcoholics get paid to drink!!! i have to go to work everyday and the government pays ppl to stay at home and get drunk!! im disgusted by that law!!  make them get a job, sober up, get education…do something! dont pay them to get legless for god sake!! the moral here is we need to shape up! sort out the alchol price and alcohloics!!! im in need of a quiet drink some weekends but does the government oay me to go out on a friday/saturday night??? ALCHOLIC IS TROUBLE AND THERE NEEDS TO BE A LAW IN PLACE TO SORT IT OUT!! yes, everyone likes a glass every now and them but not a bottle of jack danials a night with six cans!!!

Why is this idea important?

i want people to agree! because alcohol is giving England a bad name!! were the only country that pays alcholics to drink (a bit sad)  like i already mentiond, everyone does like a glass every now and them but a bottle of sprits and six cans is a bit extreme!! some people drink every single night and they carnt see what there loosing around them! they know they need medical care to help them but they wont accept help beacuse deep down there just alcholics!! a greater law on this would change england for good, get our pride and name back…were not scum. some of us work hard, to get put down by alcohol.

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