What's the issue? – People are getting attacked, mauled and badly injured very very regularly by attack dogs.

Some breeds of dogs were bred to fight – and they are inclined that way by their very nature.

Some/increasingly many dogs are trained to be aggressive and to fight as they are a way to improve status amongst scumbags.

The Police cannot control this, they simply do not have the time, money or expertise to know if that dog over there is a Staffordshire Bull terrier or a Pit Bull terrier.

Family pets, friendly dogs, cats etc are getting mauled and killed all the time by savage dogs.

Microchips wont solve the issue – how could they. Person gets attacked, owner and dog run off. Outcome – same as if there was no chip.

The only way to control this is to have all dogs of specific types or traits to have muzzles in public.

Sorry to all the responsible dog owners out there, and all the well trained dogs but…

The minority are causing the issue plus++++..these dogs have violence bred into them. No matter how hard you try, they could flip at any time. responsible/sensible owners – you know this to be true. I'm one of them – and I know my dog could flip given the wrong stimuli no matter how hard I train him.

Why is this idea important?

Stop inncocent people getting injured/mauled by dogs that are actually bred to be violent.


Stop innocent family pets getting mauled/killed by violent dogs.


Empower the police to enforce an easy to see law. 


Remove cost and grief associated with enforcing Dangerous Dogs Act – which is not fit for purpose.

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