All people found innocent must be taken off all data bases.This includes removal from D.N .A bases, C.R B  unfounded, unfavourable reports, untrue sex offenders register inclusions  and arrest warrent reports.

I do not of course condone any criminal behaviour especially with regard to children.

But  the former government seems to have put in place the powers to perform irrational witch hunts in these areas, and many innocent people are caught in this net and can never escape.

Their names are forever tainted and job searches will constantly find their names on such lists  and deny them oppurtunities to get beyond the nightmare of unfounded suspicions. .

This is virtually  a life sentence for crimes that were not committed,

This is  irrational, illogical and unjust,and not what British justice is supposed to be respected for.

Whatever the  suspected crime, in any category, including violent or sexually related crime, if found innocent, that must be respected and believed.

People are falsely criminalised and their lives stopped , society is deprived of valuable member's input, and it is a huge waste of time and money to put such people and their family and friends through the financial and emotional turmoil.

This is urgently in need of renovation

Why is this idea important?

This is important for all the reasons I have listed above, but to reiterate the major ones,

Innocence is innocence rgardless of what , and should not be allowed to leave out  those arrested  on false suspicion of violent or sexually related crimes. These terrible and emotive words must not be attatched to the innocent and make them outcasts from society.It is unjust

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