The British Parliament should have the right not to implement any legislation originating from the European Parliament whenver this is considered to be neither in the popular nor national interest.

Why is this idea important?

In the 1970's, there was a referendum on whether to join the EEC. I and possibly many others believed that this would improve commercial links, and that political links would not be involved. Now we have an European Parliament which has the power to impose legislation through the UK Parliament. I strongly feel that there should have been another referendum before this integration occurred. In the absence of a referendum, I am of the opinion that imposition of legislation by the European Parliament is undemocratic. At present, I can not even use this website to suggest repealing any of this legislation, but I can urge the Government to hold the appropriate referendum because I am confident the majority of British people would prefer NOT to have European legislation imposed upon them. Furthermore, like the British civil service, Brussels has become a gravy train for self-motivated bureaucrats.

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