As a parent I am dismayed that schools have  to ask for a "voluntary contribution" for a school trip. Some parents then do not pay, yet if the school is to run the trip, all children go on the trip. This means that parents who do pay, subsidise the children of the parents who don't, or the school has to subsidise the trip. Clearly, there are families who are unable to fund school visits due to their financial position, but there are others who take advantage of this situation, and consistently refuse to pay.

I recommend that the law requiring schools to only request this voluntary contribution be repealed, and head teachers be given the power of discression in this matter.

If the current situation remains, the paying parents are  being mocked and a handful of parents take advantage of the situaition to their benefit.

Why is this idea important?

This would promote fairness in the school and a sense that amongst the parents we are being taken seriously and equally. School trips would be run more frequently with more variety and more options for our children.

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