Hi I like that my e-mail i sent u before you won as pm was read. You have done well but I think there is a new path that could help to make uk back on track by increase of tax for none uk citizen untill 5 year even if they are form the eu which stop people thinking we are mugs they can run over and if we give help to eu we should like the franch ask for some thing in return so we are not dig hole we can’t fill back up it only then we can get to our feet so we will all way be increase the hole till we feel like ┬áprisoners in your own country and never go up as a nation we must see that the resson for our problems are not having job for national but still get people because they can get latter of experience so we are nail our citzen out of work. People kill more then once & found not paying their tax to the queen we should be able to sand them back to there country & band them for 10 year to enter back in to the uk. Gun & blide should also be banded to stop crime better.

Why is this idea important?

To let the world no we are not mug to far have poeple run over our nation now we most show that we mean it when we say we are not mugs. That we when a nation that is peacefull & far if you whan to be here u must work for even if u are form the eu and u get in you must pay the higher tax like all the other for five year. We are the eu but we have a government that can make our on path with out asking them.

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