Allow access to 1921 Census before the 100 years are up.

Why is this idea important?

I cannot think of one good reason why access to the 1921 census cannot be granted.

The United States of America give access to information of this era, why can't we. 

This Government has committed itself to being open and honest, so come on release the Census. 

I would hazard a guess that the majority of people who will use this Census will be Geneologists, Family Historians and people like myself trying to gain an insight into what my predecessors did for a living, where they lived, who their neighbours were, etc.  Unfortunately families were not very good at passing on information about their predecessors, mine being one of those. 

This could be a good revenue earner for the Treasury.

Please release the 1921 Census before I'm too old to access it.

2 Replies to “Allow access to 1921 Census now”

  1. It would help me clear up so many questions I have about my family tree, and so many others who are today trying to search for their ancestors and long lost relatives still living today!!!

  2. As I do not expect to be around in 2022, I would like to see the 1921 census NOW please.

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