In times of economic stress such as these the government might be open to any idea that could generate useful revenue and the 1921 census is one such project.

A way to generate income, provide jobs and boost the economy all at the same time without making cuts.
Such a policy must be popular with the electorate.

The National Audit Office report on the release of the 1901 census stated that the internet access to the 1901 generated revenues of £4.5 million by October 2003, less than one year.
In five years that amounts to a conservative sum of £22.5 million and useful figure for even a government to play with.

A group of MPs suggested the 1911 census could develop revenue of 40 million pounds per annum

There were no sensitive questions on the schedule-
Name & Surname, Relationship to Head, Age, Sex, Married or Orphaned, Birthplace, Nationality, School, Occupation, Employment, Place of work, Total Children Under 15, Ages of Children. – so there is no need to redact columns.

In addition releasing the census would purge misconceptions raised by a previous Registrar General, Len Cook when he pledge on the 1981, 1991 census that the schedules would remain closed for 100 years. A pledge he later admitted in a letter to parliament he had no authority to give.

This would not cost goverment or taxpayers one penny as private companies would be queuing up to digitise, transcribe and host the 1921 Census

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important as it could provide much needed employment.

Provide very useful revenue

Correct misconceptions and errors made when MPs were mislead in parliament

That in turn would show committment to opening up parliament and correcting previous mistakes.

There is in fact nothing to prevent my suggestion being carried out other than the will of parliament.

If this government is truly committed to openness, freedoms, raising revenue without taxing the population cutting, the deficit and providing employment they will take up this suggestion.

3 Replies to “Allow Access to the 1921 Census Now”

  1. Brilliant idea. Many family history researchers, like myself, may not be around when the 1921 census is released! I would be happy for my census information to be in the public domain and would love to have access to 1921,1931,1941etc.etc.

  2. Good idea – I would love to see the 1921 census earlier than 1922. All of my family that will be registered in this census are no longer with us.

  3. Excellent idea! I have gaps in knowledge regarding my grandparents and am desperate to know where they were, what they were doing and so on. I would really love to have access to the 1921 census sooner rather than later. I can access the 1939 census through Ancestry but between 1911 and 1939 there’s a whole world of information just waiting to be seen.

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