I am not sure of the actual act but I think it is the VCR bill , but it creates a contradiction where the responsibility for a pre-charged airgun being within the legal limit of 12ft/lb is rightly with the owner however all new pre-charged rifles must have tamper proof fittings to prevent adjustment .

Whilst it is sensible to prevent such items being substantially changed as to be dangerous it is ludicrous to prevent fine tuning to account for the fluctuations that occur through natural conditions in the guns output and then hold the owner responsible .

It seems not unreasonable to maintain tamper proof fittings so as to prevent the replacement of critical parts valve/regulator other than by  a professional and this was the first stage of changes but allow the fine tuning adjustment to be accessed by the owner to carry out their responsibilty. If unscrupulous individuals wanted to make the item dangerous the fine tuning element would not be very effective  .

Why is this idea important?

Allowing the airgun owner to fine tune the gun to keep it within the law and carry out their responsibility would remove an uneccesary  contradiction in the law that both makes the individual responsible and prevents the individual from carrying out that responsibility . The removal of such contradictions would raise respect for the law as well as making practical benefits .

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