Given that many foot paths and pavements are rarely used and even where they are used there is ample capacity for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Many people are put off cycling because of the hazards presented by busy and congested roads.

Doing this would provide safer conditions and may encouarge people onto bikes and out of cars for work and increased activity for leisure.

Our vast and many miles of pavements which are usually kept in pretty good repair are a valuable and under used resource. 

Yes we would need a cultural/attitude change with regard to care and consideration between cyclists and pedestrians and other european countries manage this.

We might even reduce the School Traffic congestion in the mornings and afternoons with more parents/guardians having the confidence to allow their children to cycle to and from schools.

Why is this idea important?

Increased safety for cyclists

Reduce traffic congestion

Encourage physical activity

Remove unecessary by-laws banning cyclists from pavements and foot paths and wasting police time

Far better use of  very valuable resources (foot paths and pavements)

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