Give Failed Asylum seekers a Temporary NI number and allow them to work which would help reduce crime and the benefit cost until their application is processed.

Currently  Asylum seekers are entitled to claim support
from the UKBA. This is  £42.16 per
week for a person aged 25 and over, £33.39
per week for a person aged 18 to 24 and
£66.13 per week for couples.

A pregnant woman and children under three can claim
an extra £3 a week. A baby under one year
can claim an extra £5 a week.

Why is this idea important?

It will reduce money made on the black market economy and help put legit money back into the economy in terms of taxes.

It will help reduce crime and help keep track of failed aslyum seekers if we know where they are working.. currently the just disapear of the radar .

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