Allow cotton nightdresses for children

There is a law BS 5722which forbids companies from selling girls nighties in cotton. Instead nighties are made from polyester as its flame resistent. No shops seem to sell cotton nightdresses for children.

This made sense before central heating when most families had either bar heaters or open fires, but this is now outdated, and polyester nightdresses are uncomfortable to sleep in. Further as girls dresses and skirts can be made of cotton the law seems a bit pointless.

Why does this idea matter?

Its probably not important as girls can wear cotton pajamas to sleep in, but as a mother I'd like to buy my daughter a nightie and I will not be buying a polyester one. 

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  1. Suzie Webb says:

    Nighties keep children’s tummies warm at night when pyjama tops and bottoms can separate. This exposes all children’s organs to cooler air. These are organs that are growing and may have to keep working for over a 100 years.

    In the meantime, onesies do the job but it’s lovely to have a free crotch at night.

    I for one would love this law to be brought in line with European law.

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