Change the council planning process so that councils are allowed to compulsory purchase land at market rates (agricultural or derelict land prices).

Then allow the council to request planning permission to build the type of properties on that land that meets thier local plan.

Then allow the council to sell the land with planning permission on it and make a sizable profit.

Why is this idea important?

This has 3 benefits:

This idea is important for 3 reasons:

1) It gives councils a much needed source of income, allowing for cuts in the grant from central government.

2) It relieves pressure on the housing market and will accelerate the granting of planning consent in areas where this is greatly needed.

3) It allows local plans to be put into practise without the need for private developers to purchase land and make the planning applications – allowing the type of housing that is permitted to be affordable and to fit with transport links and other amenities.

Initially the process would be limited to brown field development sites but eventually it should be extended to allow limited building on green belt areas where there is little or no impact on the enviornment.

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