Remove restrictions on where people can get married, so we can hold a ceremony outside or in a private residence, and also lift the restrictions on when the wedding ceremony can take place, so we can marry at any time of night or day.

Why is this idea important?

So many couples in the UK are having their dreams shattered when they find out they can't have the wedding they've always wanted, because they are restricted as to where they're allowed to get married, and at what time of day.

Many couples want to get married outside, or in a private residence that has more meaning to them as people, but are forced to get wed elsewhere because the government seems to think it has the right to tell us what venues they think are more suitable for our personal, private day.

A lot of couples also want night time ceremonies, but aren't able to do this unless they get married in the winter when it gets dark earlier, but this shouldn't have to be our only option! Why can't we get married at night, in the summer, outside?

A couple should be able to have the wedding they've always dreamed of, a day that suits them and celebrates who they are as people. It shouldn't be dictated to us by the government.

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