Allow cyclists to ride on pavements alongside roads for which the speed limit is greater than 30mph, provided they give way to pedestrians.  

Why is this idea important?

Allowing cyclists to ride on pavements outside built-up areas would improve the cyclists' safety and improve the flow of motor traffic.  I have in mind pavements alongside busy roads where otherwise cyclists have to contend with fast-travelling cars and heavy lorries.  Allowing cyclists to use pavements would be particularly beneficial for inexperienced cyclists and for children, e.g., riding to school.  It would encourage people to cycle, thus contributing to Government aims of healthier lifestyles and greener transport options.  

I live near the A6 in Derbyshire which is heavily used by motor traffic and, in places, narrow.  Between built-up areas, much of its route has pavements which are very-lightly used by pedestrians.  Only experienced cyclists would want to ride along the road itself.  They are then exposed to risk from passing traffic and force passing vehicles (particularly lorries) to slow down and pull out.    

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