Recently I had a whiplash injury to my neck which caused me horrendous pain.

I was prescribed a cocktail of anti-inflammatories and pain killers by my GP.

Had I had the first idea where to get some cannabis from in order to help with the extreme discomfort, I would.  Never being a 'druggie', I really didn't have a clue.

Doctors are allowed to prescribe diamorphine for patients which is basically, heroin. They can prescribe opium too.

Why the discrepancy?

I'm not in any way advocating drug use. I merely feel that cannabis does have a place in treating certain medical conditions.

Why is this idea important?

Cannabis is well known for it’s medicinal properties, helping with pain and relaxation.

Many patients who are ‘in the know’ choose to obtain cannibis to help with their condition. Allowing doctors to prescribe would mean the use of the drug would be medically supervised.

Many drugs have terrible side-effects and are addictive. Cannibis is less so and used appropriately, much safer.

Patients, with acute or chronic conditions would be allowed the choice which is thus far denied them.


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  1. GREAT IDEA – Cannabis CURES CANCER so Doctors must be allowed to prescribe it. End the madness of people dying through ignorance

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