The Crimnal Justice Act 1994 restricted the human right of people in the UK to assemble in groups.  It was ostensibly to address the unfounded fears of 'raves'.  It has done this by making it illegal for groups of people above certain numbers to assemble together peacefully.  this is not just restricted to those wishing to listen to repetetive beats.  it also resticts people to assemble in any groups the police deem to be unreasonable. This has led to, for example, tourists at stone henge being arrested, and citizens of the UK being denied the right toassociate in ways the state does not deem acceptable.  This include the rights of people to travel and live as groups in vans and caravans and other mobile homes.




I ask that anyone reading this idea to look up reports of teh effects of teh criminal jstice act which has resticted protects, alternative forms of life, pursuit of culture, and fundamentally teh pursuit ofa free and happy life for those not valued by the state.  It should be repealed.



Why is this idea important?

While the society has the right to deny dangerous violent  behaviour or other infreingements of commutniies liberties, it does not ahve the right to deny the pursuit of the good life that simply does not conform with the exectations of even the majority. 

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