We cannot currently accurately identify bogus or economic migrants from those suffering from genuine persecution.  The proposal is to admit this regrettable fact and to instead ask what we as a nation need from those asking for entry.  If we require a number of manual labourers, doctors, IT specialists etc then we allow people in based on those quotas.  If people come with large sums of money then they will not require our support and would therefore be accepted on a long-term Visiting permit.  Those failing the requirement would be refused entry and any illegal immigrant regardless of colour, creed, or financial or skill status would be returned to their own country or another host country having forfeited their right to stay by breaking our law.

A half-way house would be to issue long-term residency to those being persecuted with no right of permanent residence whatever the circumstance – a reprieve from persecution but with the understanding that ultimately they must return and make the best of their own country.

Why is this idea important?

We cannot accept everyone.  We must be realistic and it would seem appropriate to select those we want rather than those who try hardest to abuse our system.  Rigid enforcement will result in the message getting back to those who intend to enter our country illegally.  It seems harsh that we spend so much supporting those who make their way to our country when we could be supporting their country through economic aid.

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