Where a donor has agreed to give their organs after death they should be allowed to specify that if there is a match they can go to their choice of recipient.  For example a dying mother can say she wants her sick child to get her kidney if she dies before she can become a living donor.  Currently even if the process of donation has started if the donor dies the organ goes to the best match on the waiting list despite their previous wishes to help their sick relative.  This is really unfair especially in the case of kidney transplants where one organ could go to the original intended recipient and the other to the waiting list.

Why is this idea important?

I am waiting for a kidney transplant and have no-one who can/will donate to me and I am well aware of the shortage of donor organs.  All the same I was deeply moved by the story of a lady whose Mum was going through the tests to become a living donor but sadly died of other causes before she could donate to her daughter.  The organs all went to the waiting list and the daughter did not get a kidney.  Shortly afterwards the daughter herself died while still waiting for a transplant leaving behind a baby girl with no Mum and no Grandmother to care for her.  It made me really sad and angry at the same time that the elder lady's wishes to donate a life saving organ to her daughter was ignored as the law says all organs go to the best and longest waiting match.

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