Make mental health an allowed defence in Court.

As somone with a mental health issue of Autism, my behaviour is strange, I can be seen to be harrassing or threatening, but that is part of my condition.

My legal team were not alloed to say that I did not understand, as I have this condition, the Police and the courts treat anyone withh a mental health condition like a normal person. They need educating on how people with mental health issues behave, working, and see things.

We are dont act in this way, and our mental health issues hould be taken in to account, as we see the world differently.

So allow mental health to be used as a defence, its against our human rights to now allow this.

Why is this idea important?

People with autism do not always understand the implications of their actions, or
the motivations of others. Due to their difficulties with social imagination,
problems with flexibility of thought and a tendency towards obsessive and repetitive
behaviour, an individual may not learn from past experience. They will often find it
difficult to understand how others perceive their actions and to intuitively transfer
their experiences from one situation to another. As a result, some may become
victims or repeat their behaviour if not offered appropriate support and

People with autism often find unexpected situations extremely difficult to cope with.
In a dangerous situation where they are being intimidated, they may not know how to
respond and will therefore become increasingly anxious. Sometimes individuals with
autism become involved in activity which alarms others or which breaks the law. This
may well not be intentional.

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