To revise the Highway Code to make it possible for cars and motorbikes to move freely either side of other vehicles on motorways.

Why is this idea important?

With the existing 'pass on the right' regulation, traffic invariably ends up queuing in the outside lanes of motorways at high speeds leaving long stretches of inside lanes empty. Often it becomes necessary to undertake queuing outside lane traffic to avoid dangerous nose to tail situations.  Many drivers already ignore this regulation and that increases frustration amongst other drivers who do not.

Therefore, I believe that this would make better use of miles of empty motorways, reduce frustration and potentially improve road safety.

One Reply to “Allow motorway traffic to pass on either side of vehicles in front”

  1. The law does allow the undertaking if vehicles on the right are travelling slower than vehicles on the left S.268 Highway Code. It also states that one should not weave between lanes.

    There has been comment recently about middle lane hoggers and it seems to me silly that another vehicle must move from the left lane over to the overtaking or right lane in order to overtake a hogger and then being in the way move back to the inside lane.. If it was that traffic was flowing slower on the right then it appears that undertaking 30 40 or 60 other vehicles is ok but to undertake just one is not.

    I would think that providing all is well and no danger was posed to any other road user and the driving was considered moderate then one should be allowed that overtake.

    However I still agree that the idiots who move from lane to mmaking progress and at least annoying if not putting into danger other drivers should be caught and have his vehicle crushed in front of him that would serve him right. he wouldn’t do it again…. unless a moron. Oh and made to walk home.

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