Currently you must have a PRS licence to play any music at work, even the radio. This criminalises many otherwise law abiding businesses many of whom may not even know that they need a licence.

Why not use a proportion of the BBC licence fee or general taxation to make sure the artists get as much, or possibly a bit more, money than they do now. This would remove all the collection and enforcement costs while freeing business time.

As a small business owner we have to declare annually how many staff might listen to how much music in which rooms, ludicrous!

Why is this idea important?


Listening to music makes people feel happier and more productive. This simple change would have a massive positive effect in the many businesses where the cost of a licence is deemed too expensive. 

This really is a win for everyone:

Artists – more money (Win)
Workers – happier and less stressed (Win)
Employers – less admin and more productive staff (Win)
Government – look great for removing legislation (Win)
Courts – more time to deal with serious crime (Win)
NHS – happier people are not as ill (Win)

Please vote now to support this simple measure.

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