Private sector nurseries and afterschool/holiday clubs have been forced by DVLA to remove 8 seats from their 16 seat minibuses due to complaints from bus companies who want the trade.

DVLA claim that nurseries and afterschools use the buses for'hire and reward' and so need to change their licences to drive the bus. In most cases these are used as part of the service to the children and are not charged. The outcome is that children in our rural areas are unable to go out of the limited environment surrounding them.

The afterschool children who are picked up from school are not charged any more for this service than those who come without being picked up by the bus.

The only people to suffer in this are the children.

If we made ourselves a 'charitable' organisation or 'voluntary ' organisation we would be able to use our buses with the 16 seats in it and with the same drivers driving with their current licence!! Insanity!

Local Authority nurseries can use the buses with 16 seats and no special licence or conditions.

Hopefully this government will stand for common sense and fairness. I am not hlding my breath but would be happy to be proved wrong!!!!

Why is this idea important?

This is important to allow a fair and commonsense approach to the problems arising unecesarily to small business such as nurseries and after school clubs.

It is also important to rid us of the red tape binding everything we try to do.

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