If asking nicely doesn’t work, because we’re human some must remember not robots people need to raise their voice, if that doesn’t work you need to raise it further, if that doesn’t work you should be allowed to warn them of a slap, if that doesn’t work a slap needs to be administered as you shouldn’t really change your mind at this point. When I slap my children they laugh and say that wasn’t a slap, I try a bit harder and they still take the Mickey, it stiill needs to be within reason i know but The government doesn’t know this concept I believe. Now when I ‘ m abroad I slap them outside without fear of being reported. Going to their room doesn’t work because they love it… I don’ t want to raise incorrigible children who turn into adults no one can control and then getting someone like Brown saying you see how you sort it out. I’d like to see how he copes. Now you have parent counseling teachers not using the word slapping as it is not p.c. And people not knowing how to cope with situations themselves, get paid and in so many words expect you to deal with it, as the’y’re your kids after all. Now i have kids who tell me what to do and I want to cry because I am the mother but I always have to worry on what is legal or what will bring others whose children’s current behavior we don’t know away from us. When my children turn to teenagers and I tell them don’t smoke or drink or take drugs who is there to support me if they do? It will be worse someone unrelated will come probably two or more holding them from their arms, menacing them and put them in a room with a toilet. Can’t they see that. Some force verbal or not has to be used at some point with kids from an early age? Also when they get into gangs after you repeatedly tell them not. To but they still do for many reasons one may be because they do what they like and there has never been anyone firm enough, just someone saying you cannot do this, for fear that anything more may be seen as abuse,like that poor mum who got followed by a policeman because she warned the children of a good hiding at home, her name is now on record. If one of my children dies in gang warfare, everyone else gets a goodnight sleep but me. I need to impose boundaries on my children and they can’t Always be soft again I stress within reason.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because this is what the gov. Needs to know and nobody loves our children like we do.

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