Remove the regulation which restricts Pharmacies from dispensing without prescription anti-biotics and higher strength medications (with some limitations of course).  On the continent Pharmacies/Chemists are permitted to dispense anti-biotics and higher strength medicines without a prescription from a GP. Surely this would free up time in GP's surgeries saving the NHS time to deal with more serious cases.

Its worth noting that Pharmacists are trained to do this already is just they are not permitted to do so in this country.

Why is this idea important?

GP surgeries should be for people who are really sick. To get an appointment in some surgeries can take up to a week and so people then have to go to A&E wasting valuable time in either of these surgeries. If pharmacies were permitted to dispense anti-biotics and higher strength drugs then a lot of people wouldnt bother going to their GP or A&E because they would know they would end up at the pharmacy/chemist anyway.

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