Change the law that says that prostitutes must work alone.

Allow prostitutes to work together so that they can support and protect each other. Invest (by tax if necessary) in workable projects to tackle the reasons that the women and girls turn to prostitution.

Use the law to provide real positive changes rather than continuing with the laws which utterly fail to help the women and utterly fail to help our towns and cities to deal with prostitution.

Why is this idea important?

Making it more difficult for prostitutes to be prostitutes does not help the women and girls to stop being prostitutes. Forcing prostitutes to work alone forces prostitutes to put their lives in danger.

It is well documented that women working alone in prostitution are at a greater risk of being abused, seriously assulted and raped. If the law stops the women from protecting each other surely the law is morally culpable when the women are harmed.

Keeping the women safe allows the women to have greater control of their lives. Having greater control of their lives is the first step to helping them to help themselves.

Allow prostitutes to work together. 

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