Please get rid of the law that came into effect at midnight on July 31 2005 banning protests within half a mile of Westminster, without police approval.

If I stand in front of parliament with a placard promoting freedom and objecting to anti-terrorism laws, I will have broken the law and will likely be arrested, or at the very least "moved on" to a distance of half a mile away where the politicians can neither see nor hear me.

Why is this idea important?

Traditionally, every individual in Britain has the right to communicate to the politicians when we disagree with them.  Just because the politicians don't always like what they hear doesn't mean they shouldn't have to listen – they represent us, the people of Britain – they are not there for themselves.  They are accountable to every individual. 

Politicians are answerable to us and they cannot be allowed to continue to shut themselves away – it is hard to hear a voice objecting or read a placard when it is half a mile away.

This idea is important because it is a fundamental right for every British citizen and it has been wrongly taken away from us.  Give it back.

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