Follow the German model and allow safe standing at ALL domestic football matches in the UK. This would include all fixtures in the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two as well as domestic cup competitions. The move to all seater stadia, which was only ever a recommendation of the Taylor Report and did not have to become law, has resulted in tens if not hundreds of thousands of fans being priced out of supporting their team. These loyal fans have been replaced with more and more corporate supporters and tourists which had led to a marked reduction in atmosphere. When the Taylor report suggested all seater stadia it also commented that this should not, necessarily, mean an increase in prices, sadly this has not been the case. The average price to attend a Premier League match in this country is now around the £40 mark. A limited return to standing along the lines of the Bundesliga would help to restore the atmosphere and allow friends to attend matches together again. The German experiment has proved that safe standing is possible and the number of clubs that now offer standing in the Budesliga has been further increased this summer. Please repeal this 'law' that requires stadia to be all seater and allow people to choose how they watch their sport as they do at Rugby andHorse racing for example.

Why is this idea important?

Association football remains this country's favourite sport and is watched at the professional level by well over twenty million fans per season. The atmosphere at football, the singing and the chanting, is what makes the game so attractive to broadcasters and television viewers around the world. This atmosphere is dying due to the spiralling cost of tickets and the insistence that we all sit down to watch. Restore the right to stand now, football fans have proven time and time again that the dark days of the 1980's are behind us. Treat people like the responsible citizens they are and allow them to choose how to watch their sport.

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