As a mother, my children are cared for by myself and their father (we are no longer together). Currently he receives all the child tax credits and child benefit. i receive nothing. Although whilst in my care i still have to provide food, clothing, shoes, uniforms etc…..

As a result, I have to struggle to make ends meet.

If the government allowed parents to work out, what proportion of the year the child stays with each parent, and then give each parent the appropriate share of their time having the children in accordance to the set amount for that year,

I believe that most families would be better off, and be able to provide alot more for their children. Family life would be happier as, money would no longer be such a major problem in supporting the children.

Why is this idea important?

Because people like me who have worked most their lives and then take time off to be parents, struggle if they dont have any money coming in. It would stop alot of arguments between estranged parents.

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