Stop the legal requirement to notify and in some cases licence or even apply for planning consent to allow three or more unrelated people to rent and share a dwelling. Housing Act of 2004 and revisions and instruments in 2006 2007 2008… A bad law aimed at doing what the law already provides for but in an unintrusive way.

I am referring to the current preoccupation with "HMO"s

If a local authority is paying the rent, then they have a right to check value for money but otherwise they should butt out! Tenaants can go to trading standards about bad landlords if there is a need. Why spend council tax money and interfere with civil liberties of prospective sharers and landlords.

Why is this idea important?

Take local government out of the rental market as far as possible and reduce the number of local government officers required. Allow people freedom. Reduce cost and bureaucracy. Reduce unnecessary duplication of legal safeqguards.

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