Allow smoking in public places – under licence

Why not allow smoking in public places; but under local authority licence.

i.e. your localy elected representatives can allow smoking where there is demand. As a licence will cost money, only premises which would see a net gain in business would be willing to pay. The revenue (less administrative costs) could be pumped back into local health care provision. As with planning permission, if you don't like the decisions that your local authority make, you can vote them out.

I am aware that there is NO scientific evidence that 2nd-hand smoke is harmful, but this urban myth has become so ingrained that we must be sensitive to peoples fears and ensure that those impacted have a voice.

Why does this idea matter?

The smoking ban ground it's jack-booted "health fascist" heel into the livliehoods and lifestyles of millions across this country.

I believe that adults should be presented with facts and allowed to make up their own minds about how to react (if at all).

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