If you are unemployed and really want to find a job, you are barred if someone offers you a short term contract. Change the benefit rules.

Why is this idea important?

If you are registered as unemployed and the chance to take a short period of work comes up, potentially saving the taxpayer money, you are disincentivised from taking it by the Benefit Rules.

At the end of a temporary work contract you have to wait thirteen weeks before you can get assistance with your mortgage or housing costs again.

In fact you have to go through the thirteen week wait if you break for just one day to take a one day job.

Ridiculous! Suspending the claim and then reinstating it at the end of the fixed short term contract would be a better incentive for those who want to work. It would save the Government money during the period the person was able to get temporary work, and it would give the person something to put on their CV and a possible toe-in to a permanent job.

The existing rules effectively prevent industrious people who want to work from being able to afford to take work if it becomes available. This is totally counter-productive. The existing benefit rules encourage people to turn down short term work. This is wrong.

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