Fruit growers have to import workers for harvesting, increasing immigration and pressure on the NHS etc. UK workers can't do this work as it is too low paid to decently live on, is not regular enough (seasonal only), and if people come off benefits to do the work they face a 6 week paperwork trail before they get back on. Allow the unemployed to do this work, keep their housing and council tax benefits but reduce the unemployment benefit portion so that the worker would be no better off than someone on tax credits doing the same job. It would give unemployed youth good experience and offer unemployed fathers the chance to get out and work without jeopardising their families financial well being.

Why is this idea important?

Immigration is a thorny issue, overall the public wants the level of unskilled workers coming into the UK reduced.

There are not enough opportunites for unskilled or illiterate young people in this country. Some people with learning difficulties reach a natural plateau with their education and physical work could be ideal to keep them working and contributing to the country's welfare.

It would emphasive the national importance of growing and supplying our own food.

Working for 3 months of the year is better than not working at all

Hopefully, this may lead on to further oppotunities for some.

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