Currently the lottery commision divie's up where the lottery grant money goes to and some of the grants are used to fund projects that are not necessary the best use of public money.

Given the current state of our finances and cuts which are due upon us , I feel this should be reviewed and it would be good if we could vote as to where we would like our money to be allocated.

I would like to see lottery grants going to more meaningful projects such as

1 – Cancer Research

2- Your Local NHS trust and hosptial

3- Your local school

4 – Your local police and fire service

Use the money for the geninue pressing causes , not waste it on stupid things

Why is this idea important?

Time and time again, suspect and dubious projects gets money such as the below

£32K grant for An experimental jazz singer has been handed £32,000 to help him teach the homeless to growl and laugh. Previous beneficiaries include Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis who received £75,000 to travel around the world on a yacht; Brazilian clown Angela de Castro, given £40,000 to investigate 'what clowns offer society' and Huddersfield lecturer Stuart Nolan, handed £74,000 to become a 'sorcerer's apprentice' and find out what magic offers education.Perhaps most notoriously, Jamaican performance poet Jean 'Binta' Breeze was given £56,650 to tour her homeland for a year.

I am not saying that all projects they currently fund are a waste of tax payers money but I would like to see a rebalancing of where the money goes and the chance to vote for how I would like my lottery money spent.

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