As a student, i am finding it increasingly difficult to continue my studies,due to increasing restrictions on my education, and the funds i need to continue with my education. Yes, i do understand britain is in the middle of a financial crisis, and it is the taxpayers responsibilty to help to pay this debt back.However, how are future taxpayers ever going to earn the funds needed to repay this debt, if they cannot, due to financial restrictions, continue with their education. In order for people to earn more money, they need skills and qualifications.This is why i am asking that the government put more money into the educational system, and allow students to take their student loan abroad, to ensure they get the best education possible for their field of study. I geel that this will vastly improve a students motivation to go into a work, as they will be in an industry they enjoy. They are also more likely to bring their skills back to the U.K, and therefore reduce the rates of unemployment in the U.K, and increase the speed at which this massive debt is repaid.

Why is this idea important?

My idea not only increases the number of educated young people in the U.K, but it will aslo reduce unemployment rates, and enocurage more and more children to continue with their education. It will raise the unemployment level, meaning less people on benefits, and more people putting money into the system.This will produce a fairer and more prosperous united kingdom, and, i believe, will have a large noticeable effect on the country.

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