Scrap the requirement for businesses to keep paper records and instead allow scanned and digital documents to be kept.


The insistence of tax inspectors on seeing paper originals (for example of expenses) is obsolete, and creates more onerous (and less green) duties of filing, and the hassle of having to retain years of paperwork.


There is no more security from fraud in paper (which can be easily produced with today's desktop publishing abilities), than there is in a digital scan.


This would be a great relief to small businesses and easier to maintain and process.


Of course there is no need to completely abolish paper, but the alternative should be allowed, at least as a start.

Why is this idea important?

– It significantly cuts red tape and storage maintenance for small businesses.

– it means files can be more easily submitted if required by HMRC.

– It saves tons of paper that sits in files and cabinets, and therefore contributes to a greener UK.

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