Too many organisations (including my own) prevent their employees from starting, running or being actively involved in private business ventures. This prevents them from using their ideas and expertise to start or contribute to business ventures (which Government argues are what will lead us to recovery).

I find it entirely justifiable that employees should not be allowed to use work time, resources, employer information etc to further private business interests.

However, so long as it is clear employees' work and  external interests are kept seperate, I see no reason for an arbitary blanket ban.

Employers can rightly require that staff's private activities have no adverse affect on the performance of thgeir duties (and can discipline staff if they do), but should not be allowed to preclude their employees from starting/running/owning/funding their own businesses altogether.

Why is this idea important?

If we want new businesses to be created and grow, we must unshackle those with ideas and expertise to do so.

Few businesses will ever be profitable enough for their owners to make their living from them immediately, so a period of growing them while still holding a day job down is often inevitable.

So long as an employer's interests are not affected, staff should be allowed to undertake private business ventures.

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