Why do the government not offer motorists caught speeding for the first time the alternative of carrying out work in their own communities rather than a fine or speeding points. Most normal, decent human beings would find it more of a deterent if they had to carry out duties/work in the communities they live, in front of their neighbours etc. There would be a two fold benefit to this in that the community would be improve e.g. litter picking, helding the elderley carry out gardening, assisting at a nursing home/ hospital etc and the person would incurr greater inconvenience in their lives which would have more of an impact than writing a cheque to the police and posting off their licence to DVLA.  

Why is this idea important?

Today's society has become very much about looking after yourself and your family rather than in the past when it was also about looking after your neigbours and helping out those in your community that needed a bit of help, e,g, assisting with shopping, running people who had no access to a car around etc. This governement is talking about the big society but surely its about reintroducing basic common courtesy and caring for the fellow man.

By giving people the option to either pay the fine and take the points or asssit the community you are giving people an outlet to start thinking about how their actions have consequencies for themselves others and about how they can benefit those around them in the community.  

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