I don`t know how many different categories there are, but I am a school governor, member of the Youth Justice Panel & member of management committee of a youth club, all of which require separate CRB accreditations.

for some reason they all require different checks which have to be paid for.

I think that firstly as a boring 63 year old woman I am not likely to start to offend &  the focus should be trained on specific categories of people, rather than everybody who may come into contact with children  and secondly it should be possible to standardise the requirements for working with children so that there is less time spent processing applications and less cost.

I am going to become involved with Meals on Wheels, which will presumably entail a further CRB check in case I am going to start offending against old people.

  I wonder whether anyone in the same category as myself has actually offended against either children or old people?  I wonder whether money spent on at least some CRB should be spent more usefullY



Why is this idea important?

It has potential to save money, time & remove a source of irritation

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