domestic homes were originally excluded from  wildlife protection laws preventing renovation work on any building where bats may have ever been present, However domestic residences were recently included.

This is very onerous, and can prevent home owners living in the country from carrying out basic repairs, maintenance and modernisation of  their homes. It also involves them in bills amounting to potentially tens of thousands of pounds.

The law requires ecologists to be employed who often charge hundreds of pounds an hour to  draw up mitigation. If the home owner attempts to draw mitigation themselves, it is refused.

The law seems more designed to protect ecologists' professional fees than protect bats.

Many experts believe it is not working as intended where ordinary home owners are concerned, who are being treated most unfairly




Why is this idea important?

to correct and abuse. The laws were designed to catch developers on mult-million pound development, not bankrupt ordinary families.

It can also prevent  all rural homes, but crucially historic and listed buildings from being repaired and their life extended for the benefit of the greater community

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