Amend Envoirmental Protection Act 1990, Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 & Noise Act 1996 – Landlord is responsible

Social responsibility goes hand in hand with Civil Liberties and in England & Wales today a landlord can fill a property with tenants without any consideration to the suitability of the tenant to the surrounding area and community.

It is reasonable to assume that our neighbours have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home and we are obliged to consider the impact of our actions on that right.

Under current legislation tenants who persist in anti-social behaviour including noise pollution can be reprimanded and removed from a property; there is currently no penalty to the landlord.  This results in landlord repeatedly allowing unsuitable tenants to live at a property equating to years of dominance and abuse to private individuals without recourse.

An amendment to the Acts to include a fine to the landlord as well as removal of the tenant will incentivise the Landlord to become a responsible lessor and ensures the civil liberty of quiet enjoyment in the home.

This is not anti-business but pro-community change requirement to the legislation.

Something similar is already in place in Scotland.

Why does this idea matter?

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."- Nelson Mandela

The lassez- faire attitude towards Private Landlords and the business of property investment has resulted in a complete lack of social responsibility, by some, to the surrounding community

One the one hand we are encouraged to work hard, pay taxes and follow the dream of ”A man's home is his castle",  we spend most of our disposable income on a mortgage and once we move into our home we do our best  to become good neighbours and live in harmony with those around us.  If we choose then to become anti-social or pollute the surrounding with excessive noise then our neighbours can complain, have us fined and ultimately removed from the our home.

On the other hand some individuals who are investors in property are only interested in getting their rent cheque and don't care how the tenants behave or what they do.  If there are a number of tenants residing in a property and they are anti-social or extremely noisy then the neighbours can try to have them removed if they can identify the culprit but the landlord will just fill the void with a similar inconsiderate person as there are no consequences’ for the landlords behaviours.

It is time to re-educate Landlords who invest in property that this is a community business and must be run as such.

Landlords need to carefully select & vet tenants, write their rental agreements with specific reference to the surrounding neighbourhood, make themselves know to the neighbours in the area in case there are problems and take responsibility for their business.

A repeal of the Noise, Envoi mental Protection and Antisocial Behavioural acts to apply a fiscal penalty will ensure Landlords focus on their social responsibility.

These legislations, for those not familiar, are not aimed at the occasional party but at those who would constantly abuse of the rights and freedoms of those around them.

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