Human rights legislation should be amended so that interests ( or rights) of the majority should be considered as well as the rights of the individual.

Why is this idea important?

It seems that individual rights achieved at the expense of the general public and resulting in stronger individuals but a poorer society. Laws are generally used by criminals and the powerful to hide behind and improve their position. How often is it heard that someone can terrorise a society or a community and yet not be be stopped because it is an infringement of their human rights to control them. If prison has been made so comfortable that it is no longer a deterrent then it no longer works and the public is not being protected when the criminals are at large.

The legislation talks about the right to privacy but society works best if people can look out for each other and see what others are doing and interact with each other. People who need privacy are those who have something to hide – the rich, criminals and the antisocial. How many people are dying of loneliness because they are being ignored by society because the law makes the assumption that everybody firstly wants their privacy before being included in society.

I have been distracted however my point is that human rights legislation is very one sided. It takes an individuals needs or wants out of context and says that they are more important than society's needs in every situation because there is no requirement in the law to consider the wider social impolications of the rulings.

Human rights legislation is in my opinion a way forcing through social policy changes in an undemocratic way. It is well intended but it can have unintended consequences, we will live ina world where we all have to get along, all laws need to be subject change in a democratic way. We are in danger of living inan undemocratic country where we have to abide by unsocial laws imposed by judges who are not subject to public opinion.

The USA is the first country to institutea constitution with basic human rights, however I would not like Britain to become like America where individuals are always banging on about their constitutional rights but living in a bankrupt and unequal society.

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