When opening a new bank account or transferring ISAs isit really necessary to have to show passport/driving licence and gas bills when the money laundering legislation has already been applied to money in a bona fide British bank account?   Also it should not be necessary to prove identity where someone has banked with the same bank for many years and simply wishes to open another account.  The more instances where copies of passport and other details are held the more opportunities there are for identity theft.  Our private details should not be required where there is an audit trail for money already in the system.  This infringes our civil liberties and does not stop criminals from laundering money. More and more personal information is  required to confirm identity and this is intrusive. It should not be necessary to ask where you live currently and previously in order to open a savings account.  A savings account is not an application for credit or a loan.

Why is this idea important?

This legislation requires duplication of identity proofs which infringe the right to privacy and there is no guarantee of security of photocopies of documents from banks.  We should have a right to change bank accounts at will without having to prove the legitimacy of our funds. The more  times personal information is in the public domain the less secure it becomes.

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