The current rail penalty fares legislation should be amended so that anyone who makes a reasonable endevour to pay their fare is not subject to a penalty.

Why is this idea important?

At the moment a rail franchise operator is able to charge a penalty fare if you don't have a ticket and cannot prove that the you had to wait in excess of a given period of time for a ticket. The burden of proof is therefore placed on the consumer and in practice it is impossible to proove this. This is like saying that you can be prosecuted for shop lifting by taking something off the supermarket shelf BEFORE you leave the store.


This should be changed so that as long as the consumer has made an effort to pay, no penalty will be applied. Walking through the ticket barrier without a ticket would obviously trigger this situation – just the same as walking out of a shop with an unpaid for item does the same.

One Reply to “Amend Rail Penalty Fares Legislation”

  1. Your example is a bit snowflake, on a train you are already taking advantage of the service and this would be like opening a bottle of beer at Tesco before paying for it you don’t own it yet. Grow up.
    The best way to avoid any penalty on the railway at least, is to buy before you board, same as the airlines.
    Strange you don’t see snowflakes complaining about the airlines when they insist on a ticket before boarding, is it because you will get removed by the police perhaps?
    Admit it, if you could get away with not paying you would. So stop being a snowflake when you get caught.

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