Amend smoking law to permit lone workers to smokeWh

Why should those who work alone be obliged to refrain from smoking, don't say it smells unpleasant, so does body odour. We can smell plenty of that these days.

Does any one really believe that a little bit of cigarette smoke created by the driver of a heavy goods vehicle or an excavator,is detrimental compared to thousands of litres of poisonous exhaust fumes produced by the engines of these vehicles,if so I'm sure they would be unable to produce irrefutable proof, if smoking were as dangerous as is claimed why do some smokers grow old along with some non smokers.

Consider this back in the fifties and sixties when far more people smoked than owned a motor there wasn't the incidence of all types of cancer that we see today when far more people own a motor than smoke.Cigarette smoke or exhaust gas?I know which I would rather breath

Why does this idea matter?

Because it would restore at least some liberty to smokers where there is no good reason to denigh them.Let's be honest there would be uproar if swimming in the sea were banned because it is considered dangerous yet people continue to drown whilst trying to help others who have got into difficulty.

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