The 70 mph blanket overall speed limit for all dual carriageways and motorways is both unnecessarily rigid and also outdated.  The 10 mph differential between 6-lane motorways and single carriageways is plainly loony.  The inverse link between "speed" and "safety" is by no means as black and white as is commonly put forward.

The limit needs to be modified – both upwards and downwards – and applied much more flexibly to take account of different road types/standards and the state of modern car technology.  In the absence of more enlightened implementation the regulations will continue to be widely disregarded – or rather regarded as little more than a means to extract more cash from the motoring public at the expense of valuable police time.

This is not an argument for a free-for-all any more than a politically correct plea that we should all follow behind a man with a red flag.  Purely the application of a little common sense.

Why is this idea important?

This affects the majority of the population for much of the time.  It creates an artificial distinction between law-abiding and non-law-abiding citizens, and distorts insurance premiums

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